Jan 2, 2022Liked by Dan Koller

Cannot wait to see how the situation with Vinky plays out.

Please keep us updated on news as you hear it.

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Earl was “the man” and his volunteer help and kindness will definitely be missed at the Coppell Gardens- fixing worn boards on plots, help collecting our 2x weekly harvests, or just strolling through with his dog and chatting us up on any given day. Earl was a part of and helped better so many things in Coppell. ❤️

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"Fun Reading" used to be an oxymoron for me. Not anymore! 🤣😂🤣 I literally LOLed😂

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Venky has no plans to quietly do anything I'm afraid.

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Jan 3, 2022·edited Jan 3, 2022Liked by Dan Koller

I share Claire’s comment. I was (twice) a member of Venky’s site and left each time due to its vile content.

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