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I think most people see the word alcohol and assume pub-like setting with late nite bar fights! What I gathered from the meeting was that people were looking for more of an upscale “wine-bar” type setting where people could enjoy a glass before or after a show at the Arts Center. As for the Discover Coppell campaign…so far the city has paid the Chamber almost $500k I believe, to come up with about 180 “likes” on Facebook. Most of their posts are re-posts of city events. And of the Kayak company and Tattered Style. At least they’re getting their moneys worth (tens of thousands) spent on making a video and still photos of those two businesses! How about having a list of “businesses coming soon”, businesses recently opened, businesses who need our support (think Dairy Queen), a comprehensive citywide calendar that businesses, groups, schools, etc can submit their events and happening too. How about giving local restaurants a shout out if they change up their menu or add new flavor or offerings. If this is going to outside of Coppell then tell people about EVERYTHING we have to offer so they can visit ANY DAY, not just during select city held events. There should be posts every single day.

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I’m all for beautifully designed hard-scapes with native plants within our traffic medians. Of course all of the trees should stay put! The grass should have been removed years ago, but I’m glad they’re doing it now because it’s a huge suck on water, wasteful, plus the constant maintenance. Good riddance!

I had to Google “sturm und drang” & “Donnybrook”- thx, love learning new things!

I agree with Kevin Nevells & Don Carroll- I’ve given “Discover Coppell” some thought too and I’m not sure what the “draw” would be to attract lots of visitors to Coppell. Our award-winning Parks, the Coppell Arts Center, a weekend Farmers Market? Hmm?

Old Town….🤦🏻‍♀️ very compact, not enough parking, shuts down by 9pm or sooner, and completely surrounded by Residential neighborhood. As Don Walker commented (who lives there)- I’m not sure upping the percentage of alcohol sales would be a good solution. Definite pros & cons either way.

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Had me going for sure. That was a good one. And I was a recent sign-on.

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Re a boozier Old Town to attract more traffic:

More booze degrades the surrounding community, in my opinion. All we really DO NOT need are drunks seating their high speed way up South Coppell Road or along Bethel Road. More booze will NOT maintain Old Town as a family friendly place. IMAGINE a town square across the street from a few bars, masquerading as a “Grill” or restaurant, but serving mainly booze? Surrounding family residences will lose value and desirability.

Why does the City government want more traffic?

Is it revenue?

Is it name recognition?

Is it to promote a personal agenda?

Is it a place for some to go, sit and drink till they’re loud, drunk and inappropriate?

Just WHY would anyone degrade our community this way unless there is personal gain involved, whether monetary, influence or power? Or, else there is no love of this town?

Don Walker, Resident of Old Town, just barely.

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