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When I wrote and published this edition, I somehow misidentified Tex Schmidt, one of the Northwest Dallas County Flood Control District directors, as Tex Ritter, a country singer who died before I was born: https://texashighways.com/travel-news/tex-ritters-legacy-lives-museum-in-carthage/

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Personally, I think Coppell needs to find a new city attorney. On the zoning change request for Senior Housing. The heck it is just about a zoning request. Use matters as well. And if the city council members vote to allow this to happen, they should all be recall petitioned or be crushed at the next election. This is nothing short of insane for locals.

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I didn’t know that Valley Ranch needed an expansion. Are they building a new wing? Is it in anticipation of redistricting students or possibly closing a school? Is the fine arts building being attached to the high school? I’m having trouble picturing room for expansion.

I remember when they proposed putting the high school campus/complex off open land at 121, but at the time, people wanted the high school to be walkable. Sometimes I think having all that open land might’ve been a better choice.

Lots of new information to digest! Thank you for the updates!

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Cypress Waters is producing unplanned student growth in the Southern portion of CISD - which is impacting Valley Ranch Elementary and surrounding schools in that portion of the district.

CISD is looking to bus Cypress Waters students to North CISD Elementary Schools that are experiencing falling enrollment, but the trend is unmistakable:

Growing enrollment in South CISD = overcrowded South (primarily Elementary) CISD campuses.

Shrinking enrollment in North CISD = underutilized (primarily Elementary) CISD campuses.

I do not envy the choices that lie ahead for CISD Trustees.

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Happy Easter!

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