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Dan, I just wanted to report that a friend who was looking to subscribe said when she went to your website it indicated you only sent the newsletter out by fax. I realize that with your April fools joke but if that’s what people are finding when they go to the website, perhaps a change is needed. My friend, by the way, is very tech savvy so I don’t think it was user error

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Congratulations to all CISD Seniors! I have 2 Seniors graduating this year- son & daughter. I’m curious why you opted (3) CHS photos of the “Grad-venger Hunt” instead of 1 each from CHS, NTH, & VP schools?🤷🏻‍♀️

*Wu’s Bistro* has been my favorite for years!

Dining-in ended when the COVID pandemic hit. But, it hasn’t stopped their business. Glad they were able to pivot, survive & thrive. Yummy!😋

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I was working with what I had, after asking members of a Facebook group for graduating seniors' parents to send me pictures of their kids with their signs. I got one shot of a red sign from a New Tech parent, but it arrived just minutes before I published this edition. I've yet to see (in person or in photos) any of the green or purple signs.

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No harm. No foul. Just curious.

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